Unplugged micro:bit

I made a few basic blocks (from makecode.com) to use in a start lesson with the micro:bit. You can start with the basic blocks on a table with your students to explain the basic coding principles for the micro:bit. The new microbit V2 blocks are also included. For my school I also put braille on the blocks so my (visuel impaired) students can join in the lesson.

The blocks are for now in Dutch and English.

De nederlandse Unplugged micro:bit blocksThe Enlisch Unplugged micro:bit blocks

I had some questions how did you make them?

  • You put the block you want in makecode.
  • Work with only 1 or 2 blocks at the time.
  • Right button you can make a print screen.
  • If you need to remove the outside for the block (show picto, show text, show number etc) you can use the magic wand in the online edit program luna.pic and save the new block.
  • I put all the blocks in Word – Landscape and made sure they all fitted together.
  • The sound blocks are the biggest.
  • Save the word file to a PDF so it easy for others to print.

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