microbit dragon

On twitter I was asked to join in the #microbitVirtualParade to make something with the micro:bit what could fly or drive or walk. Offcourse I love the combinatin of tinkering and making and last week it was my holliday.

For this #microbitvirtualeparade I made a dragon from cardboard, straws, paper, pingpong balls, wooden beads etc. Lots of fun making and decorating the Dragon. I looked online for examples and combined different paper dragons. I used a pringles tube to attach the 2 servo motors and the servo:lite motorboard and also attached 2 LED’s.

For the rails I used some wood and a motor board for the micro:bit. You can controll the both micro:bit’s with a remote control from a micro:bit.

In this video below, you can see the making off.

The code’s for on the micro:bits.

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