micro:bit LIVE Wearables

For my Lightning Talk on the 4th of December on the online micro:bit LIVE event I did talk a small talk about “how to make wearables”. Look in your closed if you have any clothes you want to pimp. Your Christmas sweater, a skirt, hat, tie anything is possible. But you can never wash them, so it is only for fun. The 10 tips:
  1. use hacked Christmas lights
  2. use LED light but round the leg so the wire has more connection or special small LED’s for making wearables
  3. use for the ground a snap button (or iron ring)
  4. use a battery pack for coin or a power bank of a mi-power for the micro:bit
  5. make a drawing how your circuits will be
  6. Conductive thread and use it double, don’t make long wires it will mix up. Make it in small parts and test the whole time.
  7. use crocodile cables to test your project the whole time
  8. use only the clips to so you can use your micro:bit for an other project
  9. make sure the wires from the different circuits don’t touch each other
  10. make a simple code and have fun!
10 tips
Links to my dutch blog how to make my wearbles:

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